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Digitalization sets new standards for the speed at which companies work and redefines the requirements for cooperation. That's why fabrikado offers you an integration solution that allows you to grow together with your customers and suppliers more strongly than ever before and increases the productivity of all parties.

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Automate your order processing and quote preparation

The manual preparation of quotes and order processing take up the greatest part of the time required on both the customer and supplier side. Our fabrikado CONNECT integration solution connects you with your customers and suppliers. This allows you to prepare quotes and award contracts automatically in just a few seconds.

Infographic Automate your order processing and quote preparation

We offer you the functions that you need

Our software solution fabrikado CONNECT can be individually adapted to your company situation and size. You only pay for the functions you actually use.

Instant pricing

Instant pricing

Calculate quotes in seconds with our instant price calculator.

With the instant price calculator, which is also used on the production platform, you can prepare reliable quotes for various production processes such as laser cutting in seconds. All you need for this is the CAD file and you can then calculate an instant price depending on the selected production process, the desired processing method, the quantity and the delivery date.

Internal awarding of contracts

Internal awarding of contracts

Automatically award contracts to your existing suppliers.

By awarding contracts internally, contracts can be awarded to suppliers in the company's own network. In this regard, various forms of contract awarding are available, such as fixed price awarding or auction awarding. You can also decide which of your suppliers is given the opportunity to accept the contract.

External awarding of contracts

External awarding of contracts

Automatically award contracts to suppliers on the production platform.

Through external contract awarding, contracts can be awarded to the supplier network of the production platform. For companies with their own production, external contract awarding enables an automated decision in the question of whether the contract is to be awarded internally or externally (»make or buy«).

Contract acceptance

Contract acceptance

Accept contracts automatically from your own customers or from customers of our production platform.

In contract acceptance you can accept the contracts that personal customers have approved for you through fabrikado CONNECT in addition, you have access to all suitable contracts on the production platform. You alone decide which of the contracts you want to accept at what price.

Customer shop

Customer shop

Accept contracts through your own customer shop.

We create your personal online shop for you, where customers can configure parts or order finished parts through your website with the help of the instant price calculator. You can monitor and manage all your orders yourself. If the "Contract awarding" function is used, orders from the customer shop can in turn be placed with suppliers.

System connection

System connection

Continue to use your existing ERP, MES and PLM system.

We ensure that the software modules of fabrikado CONNECT communicate smoothly with your existing ERP, MES and PLM systems and that all data is stored centrally. At the same time, best practice solutions can be adopted and implemented by our system partners.

Benefit from digitalization and make Industry 4.0 a reality

The use of our software minimizes waste in the procurement and order processing process and places the focus on value-adding activities.

Time required in the procurement process

Infographic Time required in the procurement process

In the procurement process, fabrikado CONNECT can reduce the time required for supplier search, quotation requests and price negotiations.

Time required in the order processing process

Infographic Time required in the order processing process

In the order processing process, fabrikado CONNECT can reduce the time required for order acquisition, dispatch and invoicing.

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Do you have any questions? Would you like individual consultation on digitalization issues in your company? Would you like to test fabrikado CONNECT free of charge? Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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